5 Reasons why you should join a Martial Arts class.

Date: 11 Dec 2018

Words: Evveervital London

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November 11, 2018


5 reasons why every woman should join a martial arts class in 2019

You may have heard it being said, “Train tirelessly to defeat the greatest enemy, yourself and to discover the greatest master, yourself”. When it comes to both self-discovery and self-preservation, no other art form will serve you better than martial arts.

Obviously martial arts come in numerous variations; from boxing, karate, judo, jiu jitsu, muay thai, wrestling to kick boxing.

Katrin- The Evveervital Founder at a recent boxing session.

All Martial Arts forms emphasis different techniques but one major principle, the balance of mind, body and soul. So as you make your new year’s resolutions, it will not matter much which form you choose, the benefits are similar. Below are 5 reasons why joining a martial arts class in 2019 is good for every woman’s body.

1. Self Defence.

The first and most common reason for any woman to join a martial arts class is the self-defence skills that you pick up. Women fall victim to many crimes. Martial arts skills could make a difference in your ability to physically defend yourself in times of distress. Though the ultimate aim of Martial Arts is to never have to use your skills, but how better it is still to have a peace of mind in the knowledge of the skills you possess. 

2. Strength and Physical Conditioning

Martial arts teaches women to get to and stay in good physical fitness shape. This automatically translates into a positive self-image and increased confidence. Martial arts help women not only to look good, but also to feel great. Martial arts forces you to be stronger than their strongest excuses. It has been said, that, Jiu-jitsu teaches men that their strength doesn’t mean as much as they thought it did. It teaches women that they are stronger than they thought they are.

3. Endurance and Stamina

Martial arts training is one of, if not the best form of cardio and endurance training you can have as a woman in 2019. Boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, karate and judo are very physical workout sports that calls for tremendous speed, strength, agility, stamina and endurance. It is a perfect sport for body toning and weight management.

Katrin Schneck, the founder of Evveervital London and an avid martial arts student is quoted saying, "I burn anywhere from 600 to 800 calories in an hour of cardio-kickboxing class. In comparison, I burn only 450 calories an hour running at a speed of 8km/hour".

It is reported that in just one Muay Thai session, you can burn up to 1,000 calories. A boxing work out in the Evoni collection. 

4. Balance and Coordination

Martial arts undoubtedly teach girls and women to find balance in their lives. This balance is both physical and mental/emotional. Perfect posture and mastery of your centre of gravity are some of the core techniques taught in all martial arts classes. coordination of hands, feet and head is an essential element that you learn in martial arts classes especially in kick-boxing, boxing and Muay Thai.

The improved posture will help you live a healthier more confident life and look great while at it. Your coordination and multi-tasking skills will also tremendously increase the more you practice.

5. Body Toning

The mastery of Martial Arts is the perfect body toning program for a woman. It is also the most empowering, life-changing experience a woman can go through, knowing that they can protect themselves. Martial Arts training incorporates the use of all body parts and muscles. A constant training routine inevitably yields better body toning than most exercises. Couple this with flattering clothes that emphasise your body and you are on track to becoming the confident woman that we all strive to be.