A Start-up Guide to A Mindful Workout

Date: 17 May 2019

Words: Evveervital London

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“Here and now”

A simple but very meaningful phrase that I keep on telling to myself through the day whenever my mind is scattered and I am not paying attention to what I’m doing.

For example, there are moments where I get so deep in thought during my workout that my movements become unconsciously automatic. My body is doing one thing while my mind is elsewhere. Hence, my workouts are not as effective.

Although it seems a phenomenon of recent creation and a new fleeting trend, mindfulness origins all the way to the beginnings of Buddhism, becoming today an essential practice in the field of well-being and meditation improving the quality of life in an extremely positive way.

However, it has definitely required a constant dedication and practice until I can be capable of meditating on almost any circumstance, in this case, during my physical training.

A Mindful-Workout is a space and time where I can focus both my body and brain. So in order to be able to connect with both during my workout, I began to practice the following exercises:


We must concentrate our attention on our breathing by being able to control it, listen to it and feel it as it travels through our body.

So when your attention is immersed in your breathing the tension will be gone and you will find yourself in a state of relaxation. Once you welcome this feeling, your mind and body will be in tune with your movements, becoming more controlled and effective.


The objective of mindfulness is the observation of the mind, the exploration of thoughts not the control of it. Yes, our thoughts may wonder elsewhere but we must be able to focus them on the present, the now.


Be present in the moment, don’t focus on how much time has gone by and give yourself to time.

Don´t dwell on how much longer you have to be in a plank position, don’t count the seconds, instead give in to that burning sensation that is starting to build up in your abs. It a sign of a well done routine.


Focus on your muscles, it is important to pay attention to the contraction of the muscle you are working on. Be conscious of the movement, it is a fact that once you connect your mind to your body, in this case the muscle you’re exercising, it will have a better result.

Being mindful has proven to improve the ability to concentrate, develop self-awareness, emotional stability and it has also been associated with the optimisation of the immune system.

In Evveervital we care deeply about the physical well-being as well as for a strong mental health, which is the reason we aim to create a space for both to work perfectly in harmony.