A Sweaty Valentine’s Day

Date: 14 Feb 2019

Words: Evveervital London

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In the name of fitness, grab your better half and get physical. Be ready to get your endorphins racing and make you hot and sweaty for one another. Yes, it is exactly what you´re thinking. Bring out the towel, protein bars and loads of drinking water; put on some music and get in the mood for a “heart-core workout”

      Some are eager to celebrate the wine-chocolate-red rose’s tradition, while others might find St. Valentine’s stressful or even outdated. The classic way to celebrate this festive day, it’s definitely not the only way.  

      Here is some guidance that will make you rethink date night, not only for this particular day but for the rest of the year’s dates.

      If you do any of the ideas listed under neath, then be ready for promising and healthy intimate sessions with your partner.

Get Intimate

      On the mat, during a yoga class of course. Couples Yoga is a popular fitness trend where you can practice a series of routines that will strengthen your relationship and flexibility with your significant other, something that would come in handy during other kind of scenarios. 

      The benefits are numerous, couples cultivate a physical and emotional support through the constant touch and mindfulness during each pose. There are lots of moves designed to be done with a partner, your spine is the limit!

Get Physical

      On the ring, with some gloves, pads, kicks and jabs. Boxing, kick boxing or any kind of martial arts class would definitely heat up things and spice up your relationship.

      A sweaty, but playful and harmless bonding time with your partner that would surely leave you sore and hot for one another.

 Get Competitive

      On the court, a game of tennis will let you learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. What better way to have fun and make things interesting by including a special prize for the winner.

Get Creative

      On the floor, it’s all about coordination, teamwork and being there for each other. A dance lesson filled with lifts, turns and passion, remember “nobody puts Baby in a corner” (Dirty Dancing 1987) 

      Working out as a couple can make you feel more connected in your relationship, but it also has the potential to complicate things. So don’t get stuck in a routine, dare to be open minded about trying more exciting things that would stimulate your relationship as well as your workout routine. Avoid a monotone environment and welcome new challenges, working out together it’s good for both your physical health and your relationship’s health. A healthy heart, stronger love.

      And remember, you can always look cute and sexy during any of those “Get-On” ideas, just go and check out Evveervital store to get those amazing outfits ready for your fit date!