Date: 28 Mar 2019

Words: Evveervital London

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Change the sight of your reflection in the mirrors for a different view. Change the machines for an equipment-free routine. Change the walls of the gym for an open space. Change the air conditioner for fresh air.

Exercising al fresco, whatever the activity, is good medicine. Going outside, spending time away from the walls that close in your usual workout will give you a sense of freedom that you don’t usually have inside a gym.

Do your best to escape. Sometimes a little getaway from the same things it’s just what you might need to increase self-esteem, reduce stress and give your mind a rest.

We join the gym with a fitness goal in mind. So week after week you get the work done until we fall into a routine.

To keep making progress it is essential for you to keep your body challenged. Get out of your fitness comfort zone and push yourself to reach a higher potential.

And I’m not talking about adding some more reps into your sets but letting your body run free. In the gym you are doing isolated movements for a specific part or muscle but in real life your body needs to perform as one.

Spring is here, which makes the idea of working-out outdoors more appealing. As well as a great excuse to seek out a new outdoorsy wardrobe.

All you need is your body, will and mother nature. With any of these suggestions you might consider make sure to have the appropriate fitness gear: check out our Elan range!


A fierce cardio burn.

You can choose between walking, running or cycling. Something that works your entire body and covers both strength and cardio.

Get creative, the options are endless, like: running down the beach, taking a long tour bike, sprint up-and-down the hiking trail...

But keep in mind that first you should allow your body to adjust to the new terrain, start slow and get familiar with the environment.  It might not be as safe as the trail mill at the gym, but it sure is more enjoyable.


Of all disciplines, yoga was known for being practiced in a non-intimidating environment. But now a days it’s just as adventurous as any other workout. Check for yourself, you’ll come across the weirdest but most creative places where yogis are taking yoga into a whole different level. Give it a try, it sure will be exciting.


HIIT is an equipment-free workout routine that will definitely get the job done wherever you are. It basically focuses on increasing your overall athletic endurance, core strength and fat loss. Quick total body workouts that are short and super intense. Browse the internet and you’ll find endless routines you can put to practice in the outdoors.


That’s the best part! Plan the outing and go with friends, enjoy nature by connecting with the environment.

When you go out to exercise it is definitely an adventure, you explore, see cool new places and have a good time, is like the whole point of this experience.

Obviously you don’t do it every day, but once a week even twice is all you need. Connect with nature and be more aware that it exists because we city-dwellers sometimes do not realize it.

You will feel good with yourself and maybe take a good memory out of it.