How to Stay Fit During the Summer?

With longer days ahead of us, where the heat and the good times lure us away from our usual routine, we tent to worry that the temptations of heavy-eating and well-deserved rest might interfere with your fitness progress.

 And by all means, we must relax and indulge, as long as we stay active and in motion too.

 We can get so caught up in our fitness routines, falling into a monotone repetitive cycle where we began to lose will or no longer see any further results. That is why we must remember this is a time to learn how to rest, not to quit.  So this summer is all about reinvigorating our regimen and refreshing our own persona.

 This year’s summer fitness routine should keep us healthy and confident, rather than dealing with any self-regrets for missing out from our usual workout and steady diet. The following tips are meant to be considered during our vacation-mode and keep us motivated and on track in this heat weather season:


A Quick- HIIT- One…

No gym or equipment? In a short amount of time and space, you can perform an exercise focused in bodyweight and total body strength.

For example: a full body circuit set of push-up tuck jumps, glute bridge crunches, plank/ side plank and squats, will keep you fit.

 When You Sweat You Loose…

not only water but electrolytes and salts too. During this summer heat, it’s important to stay hydrated, so you must maintain and keep your body functioning properly.

 A Travel Kit Equipment…

Rope and elastic bands:  versatile, portable, easy and light to carry items.  The jumping rope and resistance bands will help you work legs, butt, arms and shoulders in any space at any time.

 A Summer Getaway…

Enjoy a new running route while at the same time exploring new grounds. Book all those fitness activities you usually don’t have time to practice back at home. Map out a fun out-of-the-ordinary fitness retreat at an exotic destination.

 Keep It Fun…

Any entertaining activity will motivate you to keep in shape. A volleyball game down at the beach, a swimming session either at the pool or the ocean, kayaking, hiking, biking around, etc. The options are endless, and with all, you’ll definitely burn some  calories.  

This is a time to take a break, from both our daily routine and our usual workout, a much needed summer detox for our mind and body.