In the Face of Age: Tighten that Forehead, Tone that Jawline and Get Rid of that Double Chin!

Date: 08 May 2019

Words: Evveervital London

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At this point in my life I’m beginning to put closer, if not extreme, attention to my skincare. My morning and night routines are now focused primarily on my face’s specific needs. I go from organic scrubs, to deep cleansing products, a face mask every other day and after all that, is essential for me to end with a moisturiser (I tend to suffer from dry skin). I must admit I’m not blessed with the most perfect skin condition, I do get the annoying break out every now and then, but having a skin care regimen helps me to tune up my complexion and get things under control.

However, not to add up more steps to my endless list of skincare routine, I came across with an eye-opening thought:

“Shouldn’t I be exercising my face the same way I do with my body?”

I’ll let you get that idea sink in… mind blowing, right? The face has over fifty muscles, which almost seventy percent of these facial muscles are rarely used. Face Yoga, is a fifteen minute workout routine that should become part of your daily self-care regimen. It will have a major impact on the elasticity of your skin, is a face toning, natural pro-ageing and skincare technique that will help you achieve a healthy and youthful look. The best part is that you can practice these exercises wherever, either when you are driving, watching television or during “doing your business”.

Now a days, we are more conscious about the kind of products we apply in our skins, and to continue with that naturally/organic oriented skincare routine, a neck-face workout will do wonders to our complexion. Fumiko Takatsu is my number one face yoga expert I go to, her instagram page @faceyogamethod is an incredible guide to get started on warming up to those silly but very efficient face postures.

The following are a few important pointers to consider to be AWARE of your face muscles and movement from now on:

A United Front

Forehead movements are natural reflexes, and the way we use our foreheads have an impact in the rest of our face, affecting certain parts, such as our eye area. So we have to relax the forehead and don’t frown, releasing tension from the muscles. A frowned forehead tends to give off a negative energy.

A Natural Facelift

These exercises will help you avoid the needle or other surgical procedures if done correctly and continually. It will strengthen the muscles, reducing wrinkles and increasing blood circulation, firming and tightening the facial skin. It´s all about toning your muscles to achieve a desired look.

The Benefits of Face Yoga

Besides from putting our face and neck in shape, this type of exercise is an excellent stress relief, which will bring a sense of balance and tranquility to your own persona after your tongue out-side to side- up and down- stretching workout session. It is extremely important for you to work all these poses correctly in order to avoid any injuries, such as, a strain in the cheek. And by doing them correctly as well as constantly, as mentioned before, you will very soon notice the changes in your reflection once you see yourself in the mirror. Fine lines will vanish, sagging will be controlled and wrinkles will be barely noticeable.

Our face is our very first impression without even speaking a word, our facial expressions say a lot about us, our mood and personality, so we must take care of our face the same way as we do with our body.