My Body, My Planet: An Eco-Friendly Fitness Lifestyle...

As we find ways to connect with ourselves, it’s imperative to reconnect with our planet. The United Nations designated June 5th as World Environment Day, and as a socially and environmentally conscious brand, evveervital encourages you to honor and pledge to incorporate this day’s purpose into your daily life routine. It is important to be aware of the fact that everything we do has an effect to the Earth, the same way that everything we consume has an effect to our bodies.

Without the protection and improvement of Earth’s environment, our well-being is at risk as well. So if we are constantly making an effort to live a healthy lifestyle, then we are equally as capable of improving the not-so-healthy condition our environment is in. It’s time to become part of the solution, live mindfully and protect the environment by taking better care of our planet and our individual actions. It is our right and our responsibility to do so.

Enabling environmentally-friendly trends into your lifestyle is the perfect start for more sustainable and conscious choices in our every day life. It can still make a difference and influence others to do the same. Here are some ways to make better and more sustainable decisions in your fitness lifestyle:

A Green Brand

Become an ethical shopper. According to many researches, the clothing industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. That is the reason evveervital is an environmentally sustainable brand that focuses in minimising its impact on the environment. 


“The action of picking up trash while out running”, a trend that originated in Sweden, the most sustainable country in the world according to 2019’s Environmental Leaders Ranking. This physical activity is a combination between cardio, knee bends and squats while recollecting garbage.

Bike Ride

A recreational activity, and transport, that has no negative impact to the environment.

Skip the Gym

Opt for an equipment-free workout. Every now a then try a park, the beach, your house or any place that will allow you to continue with your training in a more conscious go-green environment.

Plastic Free Equipment

Including water bottles. Diminish the use of plastic as much as possible. Rethink disposables, and minimise waste.

Make the same commitment you have to yourself to your planet.