Plug in. Tune out. Press Play. And Sweat.

Date: 19 Aug 2019

Words: Evveervital London

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A great playlist can be as essential as the ideal athletic wear.

It is scientifically proven that music has become an essential tool to working out. It can improve the quality of your workout by increasing your stamina and simply putting you in a better mood.

Is a source of motivation that has both physical and psychological effects.

Listening to music while exercising can enhance your overall performance whether you’re training, running, cycling and even during a yoga class.

The rhythm stimulates your coordination and helps you  keep a steady firm pace through out your sweat session.

Music has such an  impact on your brain that it can stir the energy from your mind turning into a natural source of power and sense of high.

Start With You Favourite Tune...

Music can motivate you to get moving before any athletic activity, awaken your will and help you stay on track in case your lacking some motivation to perform a simple task, like putting on your workout clothes and heading to the gym.

An Energy Booster…

During your workout, listening to music can block out some of your exhaustion, increase physical capacity, boost your energy and influence your mood. A well crafted playlist can  become a motivator where every beat can fit perfectly, keeping you on track and setting the pace.

A Mood Changer…

Your choice of music makes the difference. The right song can define the way you respond to your workout, from high to low intensity.

Bodily Awareness…

You should also know when to press pause. As much of a positive effect music has during your workout, it can also be a great distractor. That is why due to safety reasons when performing a difficult task it is essential to listen, in this case, to  your body.