Top 5 Fitness trends you should consider in 2019!

Date: 05 Jan 2019

Words: Evveervital London

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Fitness has consistently evolved over the years. There is a greater demand for alternative training methods. Fitness is a lifestyle and a part of us whether it is through technology or the rethought out use of time and space. Gone are the days when fitness was constrained to a dark room with overpowering machinery. The overall techniques remain the same, but the access methods have greatly evolved. Below are 5 trends that are taking over the fitness world that you should consider incorporating into your daily fitness lifestyle.

1. Wearable Technology

This is a trend that has been on the rise for the past 8 years and is not about to slow down. Many apps, watches and even clothes can now help you track a number of health and fitness related issues from as simple as distance covered in a day to measuring your heart beat and blood pressure levels. When used properly, some of this technology will help you live a much healthier and fitter life through change of habits like poor sleeping patterns, poor feeding and low water intakes. Whatever your health or fitness need, you will find an app, tracker or gadget to help you solve it.

2. Working out with a Personal Trainer

Gone are the days when hiring a PT was a luxury reserved for movie stars and millionaires. In the current health and fitness boom, PTs have become much more accessible. Most gyms will offer PT sessions at a subsidised rate. PTs are willing to work around your schedule and convenience. A good PT will push you beyond your comfort zone to achieve your specific goals with tasted and proven programs. Whatever your goals may be, whether losing some weight, gaining muscle or improving endurance, working with a PT might be the missing link in your journey.

3. Group Workouts

If you cannot find or afford a good PT on your own, consider hiring one as a group of friends. A PT will take the whole group through the same workouts at a reasonable cost. You also get to socialise and develop stronger friendships all while you improve your health and fitness. If you are a competitive spirit, this trend will bring out the competitive juices out as you strive to get better, stronger and faster. Most things in life are best enjoyed with others around or with us anyway. With less human communication in the world, the group workout trend might just be the perfect place to help you ‘live a little’.

4. Streaming workout

This trend cannot be any further different from the prior. However, in this technological world, most of us interact with or through gadgets 60% more than direct humans. It therefore comes as no surprise that one of the fastest growing fitness trends leading to 2019 is streamed workout classes. If you lead a busy mobile life, this trend may just be that boost you need in 2019. Access live or pre-recorded workouts online or from numerous apps at any time in whichever hotel room you may be stuck in or if ever unmotivated to leave the comfort of your home for a gym.

5. High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT training has grown in popularity in the past couple of years faster than any other form of cardio-vascular and resistance training. The idea of HIIT training is combining and alternating between high intensity and low intensity exercises. It typically is a shorter workout session that offers you more per minute of workout. Research offers positive feedback in its effectiveness especially in regard to fat burning. You can incorporate HIIT trainings to your off days in order to maintain your strength and cardio limits. You do not always need fancy equipment or a gym, simply add it to your normal home workout or even your running.

Trends come and go; however, the above workout trends seem to be here to stay. Technology growth, time and space are a constant factor to think about in our busy schedules that leave us with little to no time for social interactions. The above-mentioned trends will help you solve these issues all while improving your health and fitness.