Turning a Sports Fashion Dream Into Reality

November, 11, 2018


Starting a Sports Fashion Brand - Katrin Schneck

Ever since I was a little child, my dream has always been to work in the sports or fashion industry. Coming from a small town, I only knew a few sports brands. It wasn’t until I moved to London that I decided to start an athleisure brand.

Growing up in the gym, I struggled finding the right quality clothes that are both flattering and functional. Also, growing up around athletes and myself always sweating in sports gear, I found myself constantly looking at things I needed changed or added to my workout clothes.

I knew what I needed, and I just had to find out how to get it. Fast forward two years later, here we are seated talking about my dream, Evveervital.

What does Evveervital represent and stand for?

Evveervital is a thought leader. Evveervital is an environmentally friendly luxury sports wear brand. I ensure that we only work with companies that are government regulated and have a good working environment for their employee. We manufacture mostly in Europe and ensure to leave a low environmental foot print. We substitute as much plastic as possible by having fabric bags, reusable or recyclable items.

We take our time, carry out research on the best bio-based fabrics available with the right characteristics for the gear we design. This guarantees that every piece is unique and thought provoking. We are very proud of our three lines, Exposed, Elan and Evoni which are specifically created to fit the right activity, for the right personality.

Way forward for Evveervital

I came into the fashion industry simply with a passion and a dream. I have been fortunate enough to have found an amazing team that is just as passionate about my dream and trust me enough to be a part of this journey. I want Evveervital to be seen as more than a sportswear brand but as a tool for self-development.

Evveervital won’t stop at just creating the best clothes. We are in the business of helping people feel great and more comfortable in their bodies through living a beautiful, active life.

Advice for us

Dream and dream big. But remember to wake up and start working towards your dream. Evveervital London is a dream that started 21 years ago in a small Mexican town. However, I learnt from my athletic parents and fitness upbringing to work tirelessly towards any goal that I want to achieve.

Do not be discouraged if your dream is taking longer than you anticipated. Stick to it. Do not quit when life gets harder. That is when you should push on the most. Nothing great comes easy. If it is worth fight for, my advice is, Poweron!