A Beautiful Active Life

Our Founder

Evveervital – Meet the Founder

Katrin Schneck

I live and breath fitness and wellness. I have been raised by athletic parents and therefore an active and healthy lifestyle is part of who I am. 

I was inspired to create Evveervital from the lack of exclusive, high-performing ranges on the market which could suit my travel and active, professional and social settings.

I set out a challenge to create a range of athleisure apparel with innovative materials that is ethically sourced and responsibly manufactured, without sacrificing style, quality and performance

Our debut collection ticks all these boxes.

Every cut, stitch and seam has been carefully considered, and we are extremely delighted with the result.


What is Evveervital?

Through Fit, Fashion and Function, Evveervital revolutionises your active life with multi-hybrid activewear. Created to the highest quality with tasteful and premium styling, designed for contemporary living across travel, professional, active and social. One brand, your way.

Evveervital is a lifestyle. We empower the modern woman to be naturally strong, holistically centred and internally nourished, for her to succeed in all endeavours.

Born from a global essence and interconnected world where travel is a way of life. Evveervital, is British designed, enjoying the prestige of London’s high fashion industry. 

Our Mantra:

We believe that confidence is a state of mind, not a size.

Our Ethics


Sustainability and Social Awareness

As an Athleisure Brand, and as a company, we have an overall environmental and social conscious, with a holistic approach. We have always made it part of our company's mission to be aware of both our social and environmental obligations, now and in all our future dealings and developments.


Our focus is to minimise the impact on the environment through our everyday business dealings, from design to production and delivery, through to the selling of the EVVEERVITAL brand to our customers. 


Our European manufacturers are set up and work according to the EU guidelines. They are ethical businesses ensuring all parts of their production process are safe, efficient and focuses on the health of the workers.   


All our garments have minimal labelling and packed in recyclable plastic bags.  


As we move forward, with a focus on being part of sporting events with a charitable cause, we want to grow and be able to pay back to the local community.